Published 03 June, 2020

6 Steps to Being Effective In a Virtual Interview !

While virtual interviews are not something unheard of, but owing to the Covid 19 Pandemic it has become the only medium of interviewing as of now. There is a high chance that even after the pandemic subsides, it will still continue to be the most preferred mode of interviewing.

For the uninitiated, a virtual interview is an interview that is conducted remotely, sometimes over the phone, but often using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Virtual interviews are set to become more common mode of recruitment, as research has found that an increasing number are being asked to give video or telephonic interviews rather than face-to-face.

During the COVID-19 crisis with the stay-at-home order, remote interviewing has become a requirement. If work from home (WFH) is the new normal for a company running its operations, virtual hiring and video interviews are fast becoming the norm for recruitment as corporates find ways to beat the lockdown.

Here are 6 ways to increase your effectiveness over virtual interviews-

1. Properly set up your devices : One should test their Wi-Fi bandwidth beforehand and check the speed to avoid any interruption in the interview. Install the required software and test it in advance. Interviewers rely on tools like Zoom, WebEx or MS Teams. What could be wiser is to have a backup option to resort to, such as a mobile hotspot, in case the Wi-Fi dies mid-conversation or if there’s a power-cut.

2. Dress professionally, not just waist up 😊 : It is very important to dress professionally for a video-interview. It reflects how serious the candidate is for their profile and towards the company.Power dressing also gives more confidence to candidates.

3. Find the right place within your house,choose a suitable background : While it is understood by employers that you are at home,but still it would be quite awkward for them to see you taking the interview from your restroom 😊.Choose a place in the house where you wont be disturbed or distracted and also has a clear background.You don’t want your interviewer to get distracted by anything flashy in your background.You can also opt for the “Choose a background” option which is available with most video platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

4. Keep your CV handy : If you are an experienced candidate, most of the questions would be from your resume.Hence it is important that you have ready access to the same version of the resume which was shared with the recruiter.Depending on your comfort, either keep a hardcopy print or keep it open in your machine (Desktop/Laptop/Tab) on a different window.

5. Speak clearly and precisely : It is difficult to hold someone’s attention on the other side of the screen. Therefore, it is essential to have your background story right, to be able to engage the interviewer about your work experience. One of the ways to strengthen your speech and communication is to work on your body language to complement your verbal communication.

6. Build on your storytelling skills : This might sound counter intuitive to the point above this.However, one needs to find the right balance between being precise and at the same time having an interesting story to tell.Pause between your responses to check for interest or any questions.Dont make it a long winded story which puts others to sleep.

Use this post as your guide, and you should be able to do well in virtual interviews.



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