Published 22 March, 2023

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs in India that pay well (7Mins)

Looking for work from home jobs in India that pay well? Check out our top 10 list, which includes software developer, digital marketer, content writer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, online tutor, data entry operator, social media manager, translator, and customer service representative.

Published 07 March, 2023

Will Tools Like Chat GPT replace Programmers? (7Mins)

Tools like ChatGpt can work 24/7 without getting tired, which means that they can produce code faster than humans. This speed and efficiency can help businesses reduce their costs and increase their productivity. As a result, companies may prefer to use these tools instead of hiring programmers.

Published 02 March, 2023

Calculating net take home salary after tax in India (7Mins)

Calculating net take home salary after tax in India can be a complex process as it involves different components such as basic salary, allowances, deductions, exemptions, and tax rates. In this blog, we will discuss how net take home salary is calculated in India and the factors that influence it.

Published 26 February, 2023

New VS Old Tax Regime: Which One Should You Choose? (5Mins)

The Indian government has introduced a new tax regime in its budget for the financial year 2020-21. Under the new regime, taxpayers have the option to choose between the old tax regime and the new tax regime. In this blog post,

Published 09 February, 2023

Why Candidate Experience is Important for Talent Branding? (5Mins)

we will explore why candidate experience is the next big thing in talent branding and why companies should focus on it to attract and retain top talent.

Published 31 January, 2023

Gamification in Recruiting: Everything You Need to Know (5Mins)

Unlock the power of gamification in requirement gathering and how gamification can improve hiring success for companies and how it can be implemented in the recruiting process.

Published 20 January, 2023

How leave policies changed owing to Covid (7Mins)

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the working of the corporate world, particularly on the way the IT sector companies have helped the employees under these tough circumstances.

Published 27 December, 2022

How to find a suitable job in a slow market (8Min)

It's quite stressful to look for a suitable job during the bad economic times. It's very normal if you're having a tough time in finding the right job.

Published 14 December, 2022

Top 5 companies most impacted by the current slowdown (7 Min)

Top companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, Snapchat and many others have reduced their workforce by thousands in numbers, while some other companies like Amazon,Meta and others have stopped hiring and are planning to layoff many of their employees.

Published 08 December, 2022

How to navigate your career through your 20s and 30s (5Min)

If you are new to a company, early in your career or you just need some straightforward, professional guidance, then it’s completely valid, as the more you challenge yourself early on, the more successful you’ll become down the road. But, before we discuss about the tips on how to move in 20s and 30s, you should always remember that it’s never too late to ask the question “What should I do with my life?”

Published 30 November, 2022

Why Online Employer Reviews are important for your company (10 Min)

Why Online Employer Reviews are important for your company

Published 30 January, 2023

Five companies that offer strong candidate experience (5 Min)

Five companies that offer strong candidate experience

Published 31 October, 2022

5 hacks to secure a higher salary package in a company (5 mins Read)

Negotiating a salary can be quite a difficult conversation even for the most experienced professionals, whether you are negotiating salary for a job with a new company

Published 19 October, 2022

What are Impressive skills for your Resume? (1)

The recruiters review thousands of applications for a job, so in order to make it to the interview phase, you ought to have a resume that stands apart from the others.

Published 13 October, 2022

6 tips for writing an effective performance review (7 Minutes)

When conducted effectively, the performance review process can be a very powerful tool for motivating the employees and helping them in reaching their goals. It has been found that lack of growth opportunities is one of the top three reasons why employees choose to quit a job.

Published 09 September, 2022

Nine side hustles which can make you earn good money (9 Minutes)

A side hustle is any activity apart from your normal job which helps in making some extra money.

Published 30 August, 2022

Is moonlighting here to stay? (7 Minutes)

Moonlighting has been in the headlines a lot, of late. Especially, after an employee was caught working for multiple companies. The trend of moonlighting which means working for other jobs too in addition to their regular employment has troubled the IT industry particularly. Operating from their homes instead of the offices, the employees are calling the shots now, as they want to follow their passions and increase their earnings on their own terms. This shows that moonlighting is fast becoming

Published 27 March, 2023

Top 9 Websites Which Deliver Great Salary Information (6 Minutes)

Top 9 Websites Which Deliver Great Salary Information

Published 29 August, 2022

Nine Ways To Earn With Minimum Effort (7 Minutes)

For making money people need to work, but working is too hard. However, there are many ways to make money with little or no effort.

Published 13 March, 2023

How the great resignation is impacting HR practices in the market (5 mins Read)

Great Resignation is a term used for the workers quitting their jobs in huge numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, the Great Resignation term is used for the US workforce, but it has happened across the world. It is also called the Big Quit sometimes.

Published 29 August, 2022

What makes the FAANG companies stand out in terms of people practices (5 mins Read)

People dream to work at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. These 5 tech giants are known as the FAANG companies. What are the practices they follow to take care of the millions of employees who work so hard for them to make these companies what they are today.

Published 21 June, 2022

Non Tech Industries which will see Fast Growth in Future (5 mins Read)

Blog about non tech industries poised for fast growth

Published 15 June, 2022

How Important is it for Non Tech Professionals to Learn Basic Technology (5 mins Read)

Blog about basic technology and tools that all professionals should know

Published 08 June, 2022

Impact of the current inflation levels on the job market (5 mins Read)

Starting from small businesses to the large corporations, companies of all types are not immune to the effects of inflation. However, the biggest question is how will inflation actually affect the job market?

Published 08 June, 2022

Aspects to be Considered While Setting Up an Employee Stock Options Process (8 min)

Aspects to be Considered While Setting Up an Employee Stock Options Process

Published 02 May, 2022

What is Metaverse and how it can impact the future ? (5 mins Read)

Blog about Metaverse

Published 08 June, 2022

4 Ways Office Design Can Drive Behavior and Productivity of your Workforce (5 mins Read)

Blog about Office Designs and How it impacts employee performance

Published 08 June, 2022

12 Ways working Professionals in USA can Optimize their Taxes and Increase Take Home Pay (10 Mins Read)

Blog About Ways to save taxes as a working professional in the USA

Published 15 February, 2022

7 Nuggets on Creating Wealth for Yourself (5 mins Read)

Blog with tips on wealth creation

Published 08 June, 2022

10 Benefits of Having an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (5 mins Read)

Blog about how an employee stock purchase plan can help organizations

Published 08 June, 2022

10 Ways Covid 19 has Brought Lasting Changes in The World (6 Mins Read)

Blog About Ways in Which Covid 19 Has Brought Up Some Permanent Shifts in Businesses and Consumer Behaviour

Published 18 January, 2022

9 Benefits of Working as a Professional Before Doing Your Own Start Up (5 mins Read)

Blog About How Working for a few years in a large company can benefit startup entrepreneurs

Published 10 January, 2022

5 Ways How a Balanced Lifestyle can Help your Professional Career (5 mins Read)

Blog about this benefits of maintaining a balanced lifestyle

Published 03 January, 2022

How the Great Resignation has Benefitted Employees who have not Resigned (7 Mins Read)

Blog about how employees who have not resigned are benefitting in this phase called the

Published 04 April, 2022

Improving Diversity at Senior Leadership Levels- The How and Why ! (7 Mins Read)

Blog about the benefits of building diversity at Senior Leadership Levels

Published 13 December, 2021

Hybrid Work Model - How to Build One and Why ? (5 mins Read)

Blog About Hybrid Work Model

Published 03 December, 2021

Six Ways to Attract Talent During the Great Resignation (5 mins Read)

Blog about attracting top talent during the great resignation

Published 23 November, 2021

How to Retain the Best Talent during the Great Resignation (7 Mins Read)

Blog about ways employers can retain talent during the great resignation

Published 15 November, 2021

What is Triggering the Great Resignation (7 Mins Read)

Blog about the Great Resignation post Covid 19

Published 09 November, 2021

Best Ways to Evaluate Tech Talent (7 Mins Read)

Blog About Effective Ways to Hiring Tech Talent

Published 01 November, 2021

7 HR Practices to Engage your New Age Workforce (5 mins Read)

Blog About Employee Engagement at Work

Published 28 March, 2022

Building Employer Brand on Review Websites (5 mins Read)

Blog about building employer brand on company review websites

Published 11 October, 2021

9 Genuine Practices to Bolster your Employer Brand (7 Mins Read)

Blog about building a strong employer brand

Published 05 October, 2021

Top 6 Performance Appraisal Methods (5 mins Read)

Blog About Performance Management Systems

Published 27 September, 2021

Top 10 Must Have Tools for Organizations after Covid 19 (5 mins Read)

Blog About Tech Tools which have become very useful for organizations after Covid 19

Published 20 September, 2021

Five Ways to Effectively Collaborate with Teams Working from Home (5 Mins Read)

Best Practices on effectively collaborating with remote teams

Published 15 September, 2021

Leading Teams in VUCA Environments (7 Mins Read)

Blog about how to lead teams in Volatile and Uncertain times

Published 10 September, 2021

5 Skills which Mid Managers Need to Have in this Fast Changing Work Environment (5 mins Read)

Blog about relevant skills required by middle managers in fast changing environment

Published 06 September, 2021

How to Get Ready to be an Inclusive Employer for a Diverse Workforce (7 Mins Read)

Blog about how an organization should get ready to be an effective employer for a diverse workforce

Published 19 August, 2021

Skills and Competencies Required to Get Hired by FAANG Companies (5 mins Read)

Blog About Getting Hired by FAANG Companies

Published 13 August, 2021

6 Effective Ways to Assess Candidates Apart from Interviews (5 mins Read)

Blog about using alternate ways of selecting candidates apart from Interviews

Published 02 August, 2021

Emerging Practices at Workplace Post COVID 19 (5 mins Read)

Blog about new practices and policies emerging at workplaces post Covid 19

Published 28 July, 2021

Top 9 Employers for Artificial Intelligence Roles (5 mins Read)

Blog about Artificial Intelligence jobs and employers

Published 04 August, 2022

9 Reasons Why Employers Need to Focus on Candidate Experience in the Post Pandemic Era (5 mins Read)

Blog about candidate experience

Published 12 July, 2021

8 Ways for Non Techies to Succeed as Tech Entrepreneurs (7 Mins Read)

Blog about Entrepreneurship and Building a Tech Startup

Published 05 July, 2021

5 Ways to Reduce Early Attrition (5 mins Read)

Blog about reducing instances of employee attrition

Published 29 June, 2021

5 Must Have Skills for an HR Manager in the Post Pandemic Era (5 mins Read)

Blog about new skills required by HR managers in the post Covid era

Published 21 June, 2021

How Supply Chain Jobs are Changing Post Covid 19 (8 Mins Read)

Blog about the impact of Covid 19 on modern supply chain jobs

Published 14 June, 2021

4 Ways to Build a Geographically Diverse Workforce Post Covid-19 (5 mins Read)

Blog with tips on how to successfully build a geographically diverse organization in the post Covid era

Published 07 June, 2021

9 Ways to Foster a Culture of Entrepreneurship in your Organization (8 Mins Read)

Blog about building an entrepreneurial culture at work

Published 31 May, 2021

10 Ways to Identify a Toxic Workplace (7 Mins Read)

Blog about Toxic Practices at Workplaces

Published 28 May, 2021

How Covid 19 Accelerated Technology Adoption (7 Mins Read)

Blog About How Technology Adoption By Corporates Has Been Accelerated Due to Covid 19

Published 18 May, 2021

Top 20 questions You Can Expect During Your HR Interview (10 Mins Read)

Blog about HR Interview

Published 09 May, 2021

7 Ways to Lead with Empathy during the Covid Crisis (4 Mins Read)

Blog about leading teams with Empathy

Published 09 April, 2021

6 Things You Should Know If You Want to be a Celebrity Chef (3 Mins)

Blog about How to be a Successful Chec

Published 29 March, 2021

5 Reasons Why The Traditional Version of the Resume Won’t Be Relevant in the Next Decade (8 Mins Read)

Blog About How Relevance of the Resume is Changing

Published 22 March, 2021

5 Ways Covid 19 Has Positively Impacted Work Culture and Talent Availability (7 Mins Read)

Blog About How The Covid 19 Pandemic Has Brought in Breakthrough Changes in Talent Hiring & Work Culture

Published 19 March, 2021

10 Must Have Personal Development Skills for High Achievers (7 Mins Read)

Blog about Personal Development

Published 16 March, 2021

7 Reasons Why Non Tech Professionals Should Learn About Technology (8 Mins Read)

Blog about Tech for Non Tech Professionals

Published 12 March, 2021

8 Ways to Fast Track Your Promotion at Work (7 Mins Read)

Blog about ways to fast track promotions in one's career

Published 23 September, 2022

5 Reasons Why Taking Ownership is Important to Grow Professionally (7 Mins Read)

Blog about why is it important to take ownership at work

Published 03 March, 2021

9 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation (7 Mins Read)

Blog about how organizations can foster innovation in their work culture

Published 22 February, 2021

Reduced Working Hours, the New Future? (5 mins Read)

Blog about the changing trends in working hours

Published 18 February, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach (6 Mins Read)

Blog about the importance and benefits of hiring a coach

Published 15 February, 2021

5 Hacks to Successfully Crack the Case Interview (7 Mins Read)

Blog about successfully converting a case study interview

Published 08 February, 2021

10 Great Corporate Lessons from Sport (7 Mins Read)

Blog about corporate lessons from sport

Published 01 February, 2021

The Road to Becoming a Top Notch Data Scientist (7 Mins Read)

Blog about building a career as a Data Scientist

Published 29 January, 2021

10 Most Sought After Technology Roles (6 Mins Read)

Blog about Top Technology Roles post Covid 19

Published 20 January, 2021

How to Prepare for Consulting Job Interviews (7 Mins Read)

Blog about how to succeed in an interview for a consulting role

Published 15 January, 2021

Is it Time to Challenge Existing Office Norms? (5 Mins Read)

Blog about existing office norms and how some of them should be replaced

Published 11 January, 2021

How Much Transparency is Good During Interviews ? (6 Mins Read)

Blog about the optimal level of transparency during job interviews

Published 04 January, 2021

9 New Job Roles that we will see in the Next Decade (6 Mins Read)

Blog about new kind of jobs which would be available in the next decade

Published 02 January, 2021

10 Questions that an Interviewer Should Never Ask a Candidate (6 Mins Read)

Blog about inappropriate questions in an interview

Published 28 December, 2020

5 Must Read Books for HR Professionals (5 Mins Read)

Blog about top HR books

Published 22 December, 2020

12 Ways to Create a Positive Onboarding Experience (6 Mins Read)

Blog about delivering a good onboarding experience to new hires

Published 18 December, 2020

Top 6 Ways to Showcase you Company Culture on Social Media (5 Mins Read)

Blog About Showcasing Company Culture on Social Media

Published 14 December, 2020

Top 6 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Presence on Linkedin (5 Mins Read)

Blog about getting maximum value out of your LinkedIn profile

Published 07 December, 2020

Job Perceptions & Preferences of Millennials (5 Mins Read)

Blog about Millennials and their job related behavior patterns

Published 01 December, 2020

The Origins of Artificial Intelligence and its Future Impact Jobs (5 Mins Read)

Blog About How Artificial Intelligence can impact jobs

Published 27 November, 2020

Parental Leave Policies and How They are Changing (5 Mins Read)

Blog about the changes in the nature of parental leaves

Published 24 November, 2020

Compensation Parity- Is the job done or still work in progress ? (3 Mins Read)

Blog About Compensation Parity

Published 20 November, 2020

Reskilling Employees to Adopt New Technologies (7 Mins Read)

Blog about the advent of new technologies and how employees need to be re-skilled for them

Published 17 November, 2020

Future of Work: From Anywhere at Anytime (5 Mins Read)

Blog about how the future of work has been altered by Covid 19

Published 10 November, 2020

How the Covid 19 Crisis is Threatening Gender Diversity at Workplace (5 Mins Read)

blog about how covid 19 can potentially impact gender diversity at organizations

Published 04 November, 2020

10 Books You Got to Read for Professional Development (5 minutes read)

Blog on top self developmentbooks

Published 31 October, 2020

Top 13 Mistakes Candidates Make During Interviews (4 minutes read)

Blog about top mistakes made by candidates during interviews

Published 26 October, 2020

Why Transitioning to Digital Rewards and Recognitions is the Order of the Day (3 minutes read)

Blog about digital rewards and recognition practices by organizations

Published 23 October, 2020

Top 5 Industries which added jobs amid Covid-19 (5 min)

Blog about industries which are hiring amid Covid 19

Published 19 October, 2020

8 Hacks to Build your Employer Brand (4 min)

Blog about how organizations can build their employer brand

Published 16 October, 2020

Acing The Top 15 Most Common Interview Questions (5 min)

Blog about interview effectiveness

Published 12 October, 2020

HR- A Function or a Philosophy ? (5 min)

Article about the evolved role of HR in the new age

Published 06 October, 2020

Abling the Specially Abled (5 minutes read)

Blog about hiring specially abled candidates

Published 02 October, 2020

Discrimination During the Interview Process (5 min)

Blog about possible types of discrimination candidates can face during interview

Published 29 September, 2020

Hiring for Diversity Through Targeted Recruitment (5 minutes read)

Blog about Targeted Recruitment

Published 26 September, 2020

Managing a Diverse Workforce (5 min)

Blog on how to deal with the challenges of managing a diverse workforce

Published 21 September, 2020

Inclusive Leadership Makes Business Sense (5 minutes read)

Article sharing about benefits of Inclusive Leadership

Published 18 September, 2020

12 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce (5 minutes read)

Article about building workforce diversity

Published 14 September, 2020

Top Applicant Tracking Systems (5 minutes read)

A blog discussing the top applicant tracking systems globally

Published 07 September, 2020

Candidate Experience -The Ignored Child (5 minutes read)

Article about interview experience and why is it important for employers to focus on it.

Published 04 September, 2020

Artificial Intelligence – An Enabler or a Replacement for HR? (5 minutes read)

Article on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the Human Resources Function

Published 01 September, 2020

Unconscious Bias: How do you find and fix it (5 minutes read)

Blog which explains How to Identify and fix Unconscious bias

Published 28 August, 2020

Is Educational Qualification Still Relevant and Reliable as a Hiring Screen? (5 minutes read)

Article about how educational qualification is losing relevance as a reliable way to assessment candidates for hiring.

Published 25 August, 2020

What You Should Know About
Unconscious Bias (5 minutes read)

Blog About Various Types of Unconscious Bias

Published 21 August, 2020

Is your organization ready for the new age workforce ? (4 minutes read)

Blog about company culture and practices

Published 18 August, 2020

Employee Centricity- A Must Have or Good to Have? (4 minutes read)

Blog about employee centricity and employee engagement

Published 11 August, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility – The Apparent and Non Apparent Benefits? (4 minutes read)

You have the power to influence your mood by the choices you make every day. When you do something good for others, without expecting any returns you feel very happy because the happy hormones are released in your bloodstream.

Published 07 August, 2020

Looking Beyond Working Hours (5 minutes read)

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. All of us have heard of this popular proverb. But we never pondered about how it came around to existence.

Published 30 July, 2020

The Dilemma of Productivity, Internal Resourcing and External Hiring (3 minutes read)

One debate that triggers various opinions and arguments in organizations is whether to hire new employees, or to increase the productivity of current employees. While the latter seems to be the trend, the former requires deep analysis and evaluation of a company’s performance.

Published 21 July, 2020

TALENT MARKETING- What exactly is it ? (5 minutes read)

Since the last few years, marketing industry, as we say, has fully arrived. It has marked its territory with a permanent marker. Not only has marketing advanced from the traditional structure, it has also created careers for people.

Published 17 July, 2020


A powerful weapon in the war for talent!!!

Published 10 July, 2020

Company Culture Over Compensation (4 minutes read)

The word 'Culture' derives from a French term, which in turn is derived from the Latin word “colere” which means to tend to the earth and grow, or cultivation and nurture. In simple words, culture represents the different or common characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, including language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Published 06 July, 2020

Emotional Wellness at Workplace (3 minutes read)

In recent times headlines like “600 employees let off by xyz - company”,”6600 jobs cut in India”, “travel industry worst hit after 2019”, have been doing rounds, and they aren’t surprising anymore.

Published 01 July, 2020

Top Employer Review Websites (6 min read)

Employer review websites

Published 22 June, 2020

5 Steps to an Effective Resume (4 min read)

Effective resume writing skills.

Published 15 June, 2020

Internal Job Postings - The Intention and The Reality

Published 22 June, 2020

When and How You Make Money From Company Offered Shares? (8 min read)

This is generally the question all of us have to deal with, unless we are either an expert in compensations and benefits or a financial servicesgeek.

Published 03 June, 2020

6 Steps to Being Effective In a Virtual Interview !

While virtual interviews are not something unheard of,but owing to the Covid 19 Pandemic it has become the only medium of interviewing as of now.

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