Published 20 December, 2023

Navigating the Shift: The Rising Importance of Contemporary People Practices in Indian SMEs (5 min read)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of the business world underwent a radical transformation, and nowhere is this change more evident than in the realm of people practices within Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India. The dynamics of the workforce have shifted significantly, prompting SMEs to rethink and revamp their approaches to talent management and employee engagement.

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Published 06 July, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing SEO and the Future of Search (5 mins Read)

Blog About the impact of artificial intelligence on search engine optimization (SEO)

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Published 24 April, 2023

AI Powered Tools Which Help Improve Hiring (5 mins Read)

Blog about AI tools which are improving the hiring process

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Published 22 March, 2023

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs in India that pay well (7Mins)

Looking for work from home jobs in India that pay well? Check out our top 10 list, which includes software developer, digital marketer, content writer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, online tutor, data entry operator, social media manager, translator, and customer service representative.

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Published 07 March, 2023

Will Tools Like Chat GPT replace Programmers? (7Mins)

Tools like ChatGpt can work 24/7 without getting tired, which means that they can produce code faster than humans. This speed and efficiency can help businesses reduce their costs and increase their productivity. As a result, companies may prefer to use these tools instead of hiring programmers.

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Published 02 March, 2023

Calculating net take home salary after tax in India (7Mins)

Calculating net take home salary after tax in India can be a complex process as it involves different components such as basic salary, allowances, deductions, exemptions, and tax rates. In this blog, we will discuss how net take home salary is calculated in India and the factors that influence it.

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Published 09 February, 2023

Why Candidate Experience is Important for Talent Branding? (5Mins)

we will explore why candidate experience is the next big thing in talent branding and why companies should focus on it to attract and retain top talent.

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Published 20 January, 2023

How leave policies changed owing to Covid (7Mins)

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the working of the corporate world, particularly on the way the IT sector companies have helped the employees under these tough circumstances.

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Published 27 December, 2022

How to find a suitable job in a slow market (8Min)

It's quite stressful to look for a suitable job during the bad economic times. It's very normal if you're having a tough time in finding the right job.

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Published 14 December, 2022

Top 5 companies most impacted by the current slowdown (7 Min)

Top companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, Snapchat and many others have reduced their workforce by thousands in numbers, while some other companies like Amazon,Meta and others have stopped hiring and are planning to layoff many of their employees.

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Published 30 November, 2022

Why Online Employer Reviews are important for your company (10 Min)

Why Online Employer Reviews are important for your company

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Published 13 October, 2022

6 tips for writing an effective performance review (7 Minutes)

When conducted effectively, the performance review process can be a very powerful tool for motivating the employees and helping them in reaching their goals. It has been found that lack of growth opportunities is one of the top three reasons why employees choose to quit a job.

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Published 09 September, 2022

Nine side hustles which can make you earn good money (9 Minutes)

A side hustle is any activity apart from your normal job which helps in making some extra money.

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Published 30 August, 2022

Is moonlighting here to stay? (7 Minutes)

Moonlighting has been in the headlines a lot, of late. Especially, after an employee was caught working for multiple companies. The trend of moonlighting which means working for other jobs too in addition to their regular employment has troubled the IT industry particularly. Operating from their homes instead of the offices, the employees are calling the shots now, as they want to follow their passions and increase their earnings on their own terms. This shows that moonlighting is fast becoming

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Published 27 March, 2023

Top 9 Websites Which Deliver Great Salary Information (6 Minutes)

Top 9 Websites Which Deliver Great Salary Information

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Published 29 August, 2022

What makes the FAANG companies stand out in terms of people practices (5 mins Read)

People dream to work at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. These 5 tech giants are known as the FAANG companies. What are the practices they follow to take care of the millions of employees who work so hard for them to make these companies what they are today.

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