Published 09 September, 2022

Nine side hustles which can make you earn good money (9 Minutes)

What is a side hustle? A side hustle is any activity apart from your normal job which helps in making some extra money. This can mean a part time job or work done for “side gig” apps like Uber or Airbnb for example. The “extra credit” work which you do can be just as fulfilling as it is financially rewarding. A side hustle is an increasingly popular approach for taking an idea to profitability while maintaining the safety net of your normal job.

According to a survey, one in three Americans have a side hustle currently and one in four are planning to start one soon. These flexible gigs can help you make extra income over and above your full time job and also bridge the gap between the jobs. Moreover, it can give caregivers the opportunity to earn more while fulfilling their other responsibilities.

However, not every side hustle idea leads to good earnings. If you’re considering taking up a second job, then you need to make sure that it should be a good use of your time and help you earn good money.

How can you find the right side hustle for you

Choosing the best side hustle is based on understanding your needs, constraints and abilities at the present moment.

Should know your motivation

You may start a side hustle just because you want a chance to learn new skills or use your talents which don't apply to your full-time job. Money is only one of the reasons for choosing the particular work.

Further, a side hustle can help you test drive an entirely new career for you—it’s a good idea if you’re thinking of turning your passions into your primary job. It’s not necessary that every hobby needs to be monetized and you wouldn’t know until you try it.

Need to consider your passions

Just think about what you are passionate of. If you are passionate about fitness and wellness, then consider becoming a yoga teacher or start training at your local gym. If you are enthusiastic about education, then become a private tutor for a subject in which you have good knowledge.

You need to make sure that your side hustle is something for which you care deeply about so that you enjoy the extra work, in addition to your normal work.

Should evaluate your skills correctly

You want to earn the extra money but you aren’t sure about what to do, then you need to evaluate your skills properly. If you are a good writer or an editor, then you can look for freelance writing or editing jobs. If you have always been fond of animals, then you might consider taking care of neighborhood pets or dog walking. Just think about the skills you have and put them into good use.

Need to manage your time well

Before starting a side hustle, you have to make sure that you can balance your time and energy. Moreover, you have to be very sure that you can still do your first job well. You have to see how much time your side hustle will take and when can it be done to it’s best. Is it something which can be done in the evenings or on the weekends? You have to create a schedule which will allow you to balance bothyour jobs, while leaving some time for yourself still.

9 Side Hustles which you can consider

No matter what your skill set or schedule is, there's almost certainly a side hustle out there which will work for you. You can use the below ideas which will help you in picking up the right side hustle which will be fit for you

  1. Ecommerce

Ecommerce side gigs can help you immensely in turning your hobby into a career,you clean out your attic or basement and start a brand new business. You can sell items on Etsy and collectibles on ebay and do just about anything on Amazon. These gigs offer a lot of flexibility, allowing you to earn good extra money whenever your schedule gives you the time.

  1. Real Estate

If real estate is where your passions lie, then there are huge possibilities for turning real estate into a side hustle, right from getting your real estate license, to renting out a portion of your home to Airbnb or VRBO and to flipping homes.

  1. Web Designing

If you have good web designing or development skills, then you can turn your side hustle into some good cash. Companies pay an average hourly rate of more than $35 to the web developers and the digital designers, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This workhasgreat flexibility and can easily fit into your schedule around a full time job and other responsibilities.

  1. Editing and Writing

You can put your editing and writing skills to good use. You can edit the essays for the students for college applications, provide editing services for the websites, do freelance writing or you can start your own blog. You can easily find freelance writing and editing jobs on various job search sites or you can go directly to the careers page of your chosen company’s website.

  1. Photography

If you enjoy taking photos of your family or friends, then you can consider taking up photography as a side hustle. You can photograph events like engagements and weddings or make family portraits. This gig gives you the control to choose on which days and the times you would work for.

  1. Dogsitting or Babysitting

You can leverage your caregiving skills and love of helping others to create a thriving side career as a petsitter,dog walker or a babysitter. You can offer these services mostly through the word of mouth or can take advantage of the many caregiving websites and apps, like Care.com or Rover.com.

  1. Teaching

You can share your knowledge and expertise on a particular field with others and earn good money for it. You can tutor kids or even the adults, teach yoga or other fitness classes or offer music lessons. These side hustles mostly require a commitment of some sort towards the schedule but are generally easy to fit in around with your other responsibilities.

  1. Party Planning

There are people who have the knack of throwing parties that get talked about for the years to come. They have a talent for managing the all the minute details of a party. If that sounds good to you, then party planning might be the right side hustle for you. However, if  you are not interested in the planning aspect, but you love having parties, then you  can consider your other talents and become a DJ, catereror baker whichever fits for you.

  1. On demand jobs

If you need total flexibility to earn at your own time, then the on demand jobs might be the right answer. You can pick up groceries for Instacart, sign up as a driver at Lyft or Uberor offer your repairperson services on TaskRabbit.


Side hustles can help you make an extra income, enhance your skillset and turn your passions into a new career. In order to find the right side hustle for you, consider your skills, interests and your ultimate goals.Find the right side gigs on the job search sites, from the on demand apps or through the word of mouth.

Time management is crucial for carrying out the side hustles smoothly.You need to be honest with yourself about your schedule and the other commitments before picking up the right side hustle for making the extra income without compromising on the quality of life.

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