Published 27 March, 2023

Top 9 Websites Which Deliver Great Salary Information (6 Minutes)

Most of the workers underestimate their salary in comparison with what their counterparts are earning elsewhere and feel that they are in low paying jobs unnecessarily. Moreover, there are many people who are reluctant to reveal their actual salary to their co-workers and there are many employers who strongly discourage those discussions around salaries. In this situation, it becomes very hard to know if you are being paid what you deserve for your skills, expertise and education.

If you are one of those who think you are not being paid the sum you deserve then there is some good news for you, as there are now a number of salary websites which can let you know what your job is worth for. The following websites offer a variety of data on the salary ranges, from entry level to the top of level of a particular field. If you analyze the results available on these websites then it can open your eyes and help you prepare well for the job offers, salary negotiations and the employee reviews.

So, let's have a look at 8 of the best salary websites which will help you in reaching your career goals


  1.  Salary.com

Once you've worked for a company for five or more years, it's quite likely that your salary might have fallen behind in comparison to what's offered to the new hires. The Salary.com website offers a wide range of data to help you when you go into negotiations for a salary hike. The site offers salary information for specific job titles and it also allows you to compare the rates for the similar jobs in order to give you the correct picture of your industry.

The graph of the salary ranges can also be customized, based on the factors like your years of experience, your education level and where you are now in your current company hierarchy. The employers who are looking to offer fair pay can also purchase softwares, which offers even more data points including the hot jobs in the industry and analyzing the risk of the employees leaving a company due to less salary.

  1. Payscale

Payscale has a huge database of salary information based on the industry, job title and the region where you are based. The numbers come from a combination of factors which are crowdsourced data from employees, up to date salary info from around 2000 participating companies collected from 100 different industries, results from Payscale and includes the third party salary surveys too.

The individuals can enter their location, skills, years of experience and education into the online form. Then they can receive the free report on the expected salary in their chosen field. They can also browse the data for specific locations, job titles, degrees and more. Moreover, this site provides a guide for negotiating a higher salary as well as have calculators for calculating the regional cost of living and the average return on investment for specific US based colleges.


Reviewia has a lot of useful data around salary for the India market.If you especially want to benchmark salaries in the Technology and Consulting industries in India then Reviewia provides reliable and dynamic salary data.

  1. Glassdoor

One of the most important part of the job search is to know about the companies which you are applying to. For this purpose, Glassdoor is an excellent resource, as it provides the company reviews, sample interview questions, job descriptions and salary information from the actual employees working in that particular firm. The millions of reviews, insights and the salaries cover jobs in India, US, Western Europe, Australia and the UK.

A recent study has found that employees who plan to stay at a company for a long term are seven times more likely to feel “a connection” with that company and a part of that connection is feeling valued as an employee in the company. This is the reason why so many jobseekers do a thorough research on Glassdoor before choosing a company to apply for. Further, the site boosts its salary data with first hand info on the hiring practices, benefits, chance for raises and the company culture.


  1. Indeed

Indeed is well known for a vast online job board and also has a salary guide. You can choose a location, enter the job title, skill, or a keyword and receive the salary information which includes pay by experience level, the benefits and the best paying companies for that particular job. You need to keep in mind that the companies which don't post job openings on Indeed might not be included in their salary data, although they draw from a very large pool.

Indeed has individual websites for more than 60 countries, which includes both the job search and the salary data. The international reach is perfect for the jobseekers open for relocation and can help to find the most lucrative countries to work in and the best paying jobs.

  1. LinkedIn Salary

LinkedIn started as a way to post your CVs, experience and your skills in order to attract the potential employers. It still remains a key site for job hunting and networking , but the LinkedIn Salary tool offers quite a valuable wage data. Like the Glassdoor, it also gathers data from the site's users, however the LinkedIn community tends to be largely from marketing, business and the tech industries.

Crowdsourcing can only work if everyone participates, so you should login to a LinkedIn account and share your own salary first before going on to look at the salary of others. Your data remains private and you get access to a list of corporations and what they pay for that particular job role, the graphs of the salary ranges and a list of the top paying locations for a specific job title.

  1. Salary Expert

There are so many benefits of working abroad and a higher salary is only one of those. The Salary Expert site for the jobseekers has a tool which helps you to find out what your desired job is worth for around the globe. It also has a cost of living calculator, which compares your current salary to what you would need to earn in order to live at the same comparable lifestyle in your desired country and city.

Similar to many other salary websites on this list, the employee has free access to the data. However, for a fee, both the employees and employers can get access to a more expanded data, with additional info from the third party providers.

  1. PayLab

PayLab offers around half a million salary profiles from the last 12 months. You only need to choose your country, education, enter your current salary and the demographic and skills information. The result will rank your pay amongst the average in your country, then offers the comparisons with the other countries as well.

PayLab has salary data for the jobs in seven regions namely Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Oceania. The official site and the partner sites are also available in different languages.

  1. Totaljobs

If you're staying in the UK and want to relocate to another city or you are considering changing careers, then the Total Jobs salary calculator is the ideal resource. Search by the job title, skill or the company, and get the salary ranges for a specific town, postcode or city. You can even expand your search, upto a radius of 5, 10 or 20 kms away.

Totaljobs also lists the job openings in the area, however the results are generated by simple keywords and don't always match upto the exact role that you were looking for. You need to be as specific as you can with your job title in order to get the most relevant results. You can also get a list of average salaries for a particular role in a number of other locations, to find out if you can make more money elsewhere.

TAKEAWAYS: These salary websites offer ample information in order to help you to make the right choice and take the smart decisions in your career. Knowing that you're earning a fair salary can help in increase in your job satisfaction, while the opposite can be an eye opener for you to ask for a raise or even change your careers.

As you see, that many of the sites offer different tools and cover some industries and regions better than the others, so you have to invest some time to research on your current role, as well as other jobs requiring the similar skillsets. You have to use multiple sources to get the most accurate the best results.

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