Published 04 January, 2021

9 New Job Roles that we will see in the Next Decade (6 Mins Read)

You must have read or heard several stories about robots eating up lots of our future jobs. Yes, that’s true. Robots are slowly taking over the jobs which human beings do. In future, definitely they will take over some more of our jobs, but on the other hand they will create some new jobs too. So, we need to start training for the future jobs right now, if we have not started yet.

According to a recent report, 25% of the total jobs are at a huge risk of automation. Just to name a few sectors which would be impacted greatly are from food preparation, office administration and transportation jobs. But there’s an upside to this too. Lot of those displaced workers can be absorbed fairly easily into new jobs which would come up with much better prospects.

Technology has already created plenty of jobs to look for and there are more being added regularly. The work landscape will evolve further, creating new positions in the next decade which we can rarely imagine. To stay in the run, you’ll have to focus all your energy on the strategic aspect of your job, as although it’s known that robots can do a lot, they can’t brainstorm yet or motivate and inspire people.

While nobody knows exactly what tomorrow will hold, these are some of the future jobs which are very likely come up in the next decade. You might also end up landing one of these jobs at some point in future, if you start working for it today.

1. Self Driven Car Mechanics

The self driven cars will eliminate many jobs, such as the taxi drivers or courier personnel, but they will create a few more too. As these cars won’t be able to fix it automatically if something goes wrong, so mechanics will still be in the business. The mechanics of the future will need to have a combination of the old school mechanical skills in addition to the ability to work in a high tech culture. For this, you would need the experience as a mechanic alongwith a knack for software or you have to be a software developer who works on cars today.

2. Chief Productivity Officers

In the next decade, driving efficiencies will be vital at an individual, departmental and organizational levels. The officer level position will be very important for companies of all sizes. People in the officer level positions must be comfortable working with data and offering recommendations on how to improve productivity. Project managers with data analytics and leadership skills will be best suited for this job.

3. Drone Managers

In the next 10 years, the drones will lose their novelty as found after a research conducted by a company that creates products and services based on the analysis and research of imagination. Then experts would be needed to set and enforce the standards for acquiring and maintaining an organization’s fleet of drones. You’ll probably need the experience as a fleet manager today in order to acquire this future job.

4. Autonomous Transportation Specialists

As our future is going to be one which includes self driven cars and drones that actually hover all over the cities and towns, then we would need humans to monitor all these machines. People will have to integrate these autonomous vehicles into their current systems and then have to monitor the results. You would have to be an experienced city planner or a traffic specialist, then you may look forward to do this job perfectly.

5. Private Air Traffic Controllers

The private companies with these drone fleets will need to manage their own air traffic control systems. These drones may cross many states or international boundaries and would require negotiation and cooperation with governments, municipalities and other organizations. In order to be ready for this job, you should have experience of an air traffic controller, a dispatcher or a GIS specialist.

6. Medical Mentors

We didn’t have any physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners few years ago, but and multiple roles like that have come up and will continue to emerge. With the current trend towards a value based care, there’s a lot of room for helpers and mentors in health care. A mentor in the medical sector is someone who may check in on the appointments to ensure that patients follow the recommendations or advice of the doctors regarding exercise, nutrition and medications and help people navigate the barriers which might be keeping them away from the success. In all probability, you’ll need experience as a health coach or a patient advocate to secure this job.


7. Personal Medical Advisors

Due to the revolutionary advances made in genetic medicine, the health care providers will increasingly be able to offer customized treatments to the patients.  Genetic counselling would then evolve into genetic coaching. The health care providers may then evolve into individualized coaches or advisors who can coach the patients about their individualized treatments. In order to look for this job, you’ll need the experience of being a genetic counsellor..

8. Human Technology Integration Specialist

This person is the one who would take a holistic approach which examines all the different technologies that a person uses and streamline those devices and platforms to get the most out of them. These people would make others aware of how to use the vast array of technologies to improve the quality of their lives. To put it on short, this is actually 10 times of what an IT specialist does. If want to do this job in the future, then you have to be an IT representative and also you need to have some life coaching knowledge or experience too.

9. Wellness Advisors

This person would help others develop a lifelong strategy, in order to match their objectives with a hobby that provides them the fulfilment of their physical and emotional needs, gives them a social network and spiritual happiness. With more emphasis on mindfulness day by day and an acute shortage of time as connectivity has actually made us feel more busy in an absolutely chaotic world, the wholeness mentors or advisors are going to be in great demand in future. You would need an experience as a life coach and a health coach to get this job.

Way forward:

Don't wait until these future jobs come into full effect. If you want to be one of them amidst the rapidly growing technology and innovation, then prepare yourself and embark on a new career path rightaway. Preparing for the next decade jobs will put heavy pressures on the businesses as well as the employees or learners alike. Employees need to learn new skills that helps the workforce maintain its skills current in areas like data science and digital marketing. We also have to ensure that we develop the expertise in trending and upcoming skills required for DevOpsCloud Computing,  AI & Machine Learning, in order to stay relevant in the future and have the best of jobs.


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