Published 03 December, 2021

Six Ways to Attract Talent During the Great Resignation (5 mins Read)

In continuation with our previous two articles, we bring to you this article which is the last in the series of “Great Resignation”. On one hand, the number of employee resignations and on the other hand the job openings are at such high levels which have not been since the last 20 years. Hence, the employers in all the industries are now looking for new ways to catch the attention of the potential employees, but that would take more than just posting for those positions on the online platforms. Many recruiters are even turning towards artificial intelligence (AI) in order to improve their recruitment processes and make those more efficient. Use of advanced technology can benefit the companies in this regard.

Let’s explore some of the ways by which you can attract the top talent to join your company during this period.

1.Understanding the current workplace attitudes

In order to understand the workers’ current mental attitudes, a survey was done recently on a thousand full time employees across the U.S. The survey was mainly focused on one of the pandemic’s most vital impacts: a shift from office to remote work. When the employees were asked on how well their employers supported them during the pandemic and which benefits mattered most to them now while evaluating an employer, the feedback clearly pointed towards the flexibility.

Flexibility in many ways like providing benefits to meet the workers’ evolving needs, providing options for working from home or anywhere and giving choices in the work timings.

2.Provide flexibility of the location

Deciding about the future of remote working are in focus for many top firms now.Many employees who shifted to working remotely during COVID, now want to retain at least some remote work on a permanent basis. A study shows that there are employees who prefer each of the three options: remote working fulltime, fully from office and sometimes from office and sometimes from anywhere.

Women mostly preferred working remotely for full time. Most importantly the data shows that the workers are likely to select the location in which they can be highly productive. Employees who want to continue working remotely full time say their productivity increases in that situation. On the other hand, those who prefer to work from office full time cite the challenges which they came across with the remote work. These findings suggest that the employers who offer choices gain the huge bonus of high productivity in addition to the number of much more satisfied employees.

3.Providing benefits to meet the new needs

A research shows that identifying and responding to the employees’ evolving benefit needs makes a big difference. The employees reported much higher satisfaction if their employer made a good positive change in the benefits of them during the pandemic. About more than 70% expressed their satisfaction with their employer against only 44% of those whose employer did not upgrade the benefits.

4.Let the employees choose the work schedule

Flexibility in the work schedule also came up as an important consideration for the companies who valued diversity and wanted to attract the best talent. This benefit particularly helped the women and the families who have children at home. The younger employees also say that a flexible schedule is the top reason why they prefer to work remotely.

People ranked the importance of various employee benefits while evaluating a firm as a potential employer. In a survey, a flexible work schedule was the topmost reason for 33% of the respondents and almost 71% placed it among top three.

5.Candidate experience

Compensation is no longer a differentiator. These days there is always another employer who is ready to better the offer you would have given to a candidate. Hence, employers need to think about other ways to make the right kind of impression. Candidate experience is a moment of truth, employers who do a good job in this area consistently have lesser number of offer drops from candidates. This is where use of platforms like reviewia can make a big difference to quickly address gaps in candidate experience.

6.Overall benefits are most important

In the current marketplace, the employees have the advantage to consider all the different options. As you plan to attract the best talent, not all benefits are valued in the same  manner. The savvy benefits professionals focus on what matters most for them i.e flexibility.

For many other people, evaluating the benefits is not just about money, but about the overall satisfaction it gives to them. While this may mean something different to each one of the employees, but ultimately for the company, it’s about showing that they value what each individual does. It’s all about trusting the employees to make smart decisions about how can they do their best and both the company and the employee gets rewarded.

If you view this current landscape as an opportunity to create a win-win situation for your company and your employees you’ll likely have a more diverse and more productive workforce.



Benefits in total not just money is a big factor in attracting the top talent. In today’s highly tough and competitive job market, it is very important that the companies offer the maximum benefits to the employees and create a culture that will attract the top talent and have highly satisfied employees. For example, people pay a lot of importance to their health and wellbeing now post the pandemic, so the companies which provide direct healthcare goes beyond the standard benefits and gives an exceptional overall experience to their employees. The employees and their families value benefits like this a lot and this can help the companies stand out and be more competitive during the hiring process which will attract the best talent.


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