Published 29 January, 2021

10 Most Sought After Technology Roles (6 Mins Read)

The IT jobs which were most in demand before the COVID 19, aren’t quite the same what are most sought after now. As companies are trying hard to adapt to a very tough IT job market, they’re doing whatever they can to attract the best tech talent. The IT job market is changing not just due to the pandemic and the work from home orders that followed it, but also because of the drastic changes in the economy. People who can showcase themselves well can still find jobs now, as the recruiters say.

Here are the 10 most sought after IT jobs expected to be in demand in the year 2021 and the skills and experience you need to look for to stay in the run for them.

  1. Data Scientist: A data scientist’s job is undoubtedly the highest paying job across different industries and sectors. There has been a huge increase in demand for data scientists year after year and a giant leap of 344% increase in it’s demand since 2013. A data scientist’s job is to analyse and interpret complex data to help the companies make better and quick decisions. A data scientist should:
  • Prepare the data models
  • Understand the machine learning algorithms
  • Code in the languages like Python, SAS and various analytical tools
  • Identify the business issues and provide the appropriate solutions

Data science as a field, offers a lot of opportunities and has good potential in the job market. It is one of the most in demand job which are the highest paid in the data domain.

  1. Solutions Architect: The IoT solutions architect’s role is a leadership role to oversee the strategy for the development and deployment of the IoT solutions for the company. This is also one of the most in demand and high paying jobs today. In addition to understanding the IoT solutions, the solutions architect should also have:
  • Excellent programming skills,
  • A good understanding of machine learning,
  • A sound knowledge of hardware design and architecture. 
  1. Big Data Engineer: The internet users generate a huge amount of data every day and to gain insights from such a large data, around 97 percentof the companies are investing in AI.and Big Data.

The next in the list of high in demand and highest paying jobs is the job of a Big Data Engineer. A Big Data engineer is the one who plans, designs and manages the complete lifecycle of the large scale developments and deployments of Big Data applications. Some of the skills required for a Big Data architect are:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding data warehousing technologies and Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL.
  • Good programming skills 
  • Data visualization skills
  1. Software Architect: The job of a software architect is to optimize the development process by making the design choices and setting the technical standards such as coding, tools and platforms. As a part of their role, they identify the customer’s requirement and perform hands on work to develop the prototypes. 

Some of the skills required for a software architect are: 

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Data modelling
  • A good understanding of the software architecture
  • Excellent programming skills
  1. Blockchain Engineer: A blockchain engineer is the one who specializes in developing and implementing architecture and solutions using the blockchain technology. The worldwide expenditure on blockchain solutionsare expected to touch 15.9 billion dollars by the end of 2023, meaning there will be a huge demand for blockchain experts, across different industries and geographies.

A blockchain engineer must have

  • Good programming skills
  • A thorough understanding of the technologies behind R3, Ripple, Ethereumand Bitcoin
  • Knowledge of consensus methodologies and the crypto libraries, security protocol stacks and the functions.
  1. DevOps Engineer: Next in the list of most sought after and high paying jobs is a DevOps engineer. DevOps Engineer is someone in the development team who takes part in the deployment and network operations or someone from the operations team working on application development. The skills required for a DevOps engineer are: 
  • Coding and scripting
  • Understanding the deployment and network operations
  • Thorough knowledge of DevOps and DevOps tools like Git and Jenkins 
  • Knowledge of Linux or Unix system administration

A DevOps engineer is responsible for the design and maintence of a deployment infrastructure, integrating the cloud services so that the processes can be automated or shell scripting in PHP/Python and Ruby.

  1. Cloud Architect: Next in the list of high demand jobs is the job of a cloud architect. A cloud architect is someone who designs and oversees an organization’s cloud computing strategy. The skills and knowledge required for a cloud architect are:
  • Good communication skills
  • A thorough knowledge of cloud application architecture
  • Sound knowledge of Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google cloud platforms.

A cloud architect is primarily responsible for developing the cloud architecture and cloud strategy and oversee the implementation of it. Further, the cloud architect ensures that the application architecture and all the functions in the cloud environment are correct and works fine. 

  1. Full Stack Developer: Although, it is difficult to give an exact definition of a full stack developer, but the closest would be someone who is well versed in both frontend and backend development or someone with skills to handle every stage of the development right from the concept to the end product.

There are over 23 million developers in the world and by 2023 it would be around 28 million, making it one of the highest in demand tech jobs in the industry. Some of the skills to become a full stack developer is:

  • Coding and scripting
  • Technologies such as MongoDB, AngularJS, Express.js and Node js
  • The fundamentals of web development
  • How to design and develop an API
  • Basics of the database technologies

A full stack developer is the one who is responsible for the designing and building of the APIs using the MEAN stack technologies, ensuring the applications created are responsive and keep up to the required standards. Further, to implement the data security and make sure that the created code has it’s integrity intact.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer: An Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer develops, manages and oversees the AI initiatives within an organization. An AI engineer should have a deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics. In addition to it, an AI engineer or architect should: 
  • Have a clear understanding of the technologies related to AI, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
  • Have excellent programming skills and knowledge of Python, R and Torch
  • Understand how TensorFlow and other similar technologies works
  1. Product Manager: Last but not the least, in the list of the most sought after tech jobs is the job of a product manager. A product manager is the one who helps to determine the parameters around a product which the engineering team builds and then leads the development of the product from it’s conception to the launch. Some skills essential for a product manager are: 
  • Strong analytical skills
  • A good understanding of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Knowledge of product management tools like JIRA, PivotalTracker and Asana
  • Exceptional time management skills

Product managers are responsible for delivering an operating plan which can help to achieve the strategic goals and objectives, in building a product portfolio, managing and implementing the marketing activities and contributing towards the product strategy and its vision.

Takeaway: Although, these are the 10 most sought after jobs in the field of technology, plenty of other fields like cyber security and digital marketing are running short of skilled personnel, so keep track of those too, if none of the careers mentioned here appeal to you. If any of these does sound like a domain you’d like to make a transition to, then keep in mind that you won’t have to go back to school to do so. You can pursue any of the certifications through online learning and start the process of training for one of these dream roles and fulfil your dreams.



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