Published 28 July, 2021

Top 9 Employers for Artificial Intelligence Roles (5 mins Read)

The artificial intelligence industry is growing at a rapid speed and expected to reach $60 billion by the end of the year 2025. All the top companies are applying the technology to everything from getting strokes recognizing water leaks to understanding the fast food orders. With the use of AI in almost every industry vertical, artificial intelligence is predicted to be the future of technology by the leading thought leaders in business. Right from the sales forecasting to improving productivity, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) is huge for the top companies worldwide. Let’s have a look at some of the top incredible AI companies where you can see a lot of potential.

1.     Amazon: Amazon has put their resources into both the consumer oriented side of AI and in the applications for the organizations and their procedures. Alexa, the company’s AI language assistant, integrated into its echo speaker series, is well known around the world. Although, the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a set of machine learning programs and pre trained AI services for organizations, hasn’t yet accomplished a great deal, still AWS currently has more than 10,000 clients, which includes Siemens, Netflix, NASA, Tinder and NFL.


2.     Nvidia: GauGAN, named after the painter Paul Gauguin, is a deep learning model which acts like an AI paintbrush, quickly changing over text descriptions or the fundamental representations into photorealistic and professional quality images. Nvidia says that the art directors and the concept artists from all the top film studios and video game organizations are as of now using GauGAN to prototype thoughts and roll out quick improvements to digital scenery. Likewise, computer scientists may utilize the tools to make virtual universes used to train the self driving vehicles that’s what the organization says.


3.     Facebook: Artificial intelligence will be hugely ground breaking in the coming years. So it’s not quite unexpected that Facebook is putting all the resources into AI. Facebook’s AI research group, known as FAIR, says it is focused on improving in the field of machine intelligence and growing new technologies to furnish individuals with better ways to communicate.


4.     Microsoft: Being one of the leading software companies, Microsoft has always been building its AI capabilities on different fronts to drive their business. With a huge variety of AI based products and services like CortonaCNTKcognitive services and industry-specific AI apps, Microsoft offers the developers many interesting and challenging projects in AI.


5.     IBM: Watson is one of the IBM’s most well known AI projects.The Watson division is focused fully on developing cloud based AI technologies for their own products and other organizations. The technology has been used in various spheres including cancer research and retail. IBM is investing very heavily on developing their AI capabilities for a wide range of cases like self driving cars to hospitality.


6.     Intel:  Intel has been on a shopping spree with regards to artificial intelligence companies and has procured both Nervana and Movidius as well as a some smaller AI start-ups. Nervana empowers the organizations to create explicit deep learning software, while Movidius has been established to carry AI applications to devices which are deficient in performance. Intel is also working with Microsoft to give AI acceleration to the Bing search engine.


7.     Samsung: Samsung is developing AI technologies to improve their camera features, security and user experience of the mobile phones. Their AI powered assistant, Bixby, is designed to provide a better user experience for the mobile phone users.  The company is also investing a lot in AI based startups and have set up AI research centers worldwide.



8.     Lenovo: Lenovo is going to leverage on AI and ML technologies for manufacturing, the company is going to invest $1.2 billion in the next few years. Their range of AI concept devices include SmartCast+, an intelligent, interactive speaker which delivers AR experience.  Apart from working with the renowned tech universities, Lenovo has also set up many specialized research labs in the US, China and Germany.


9.     SoftServe:  Softserve is a company with over 20 years of experience in software development and digital consulting, SoftServe enables the organizational leaders to address complex business issues with innovative solutions which accelerate growth and upgrade the operational effectiveness. Right from driving ISVs to Fortune 500 companies, SoftServe has changed the path for a large number of customers working together by utilizing patterns in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, security, experience plan and that’s only the beginning.


Summary: Leading the AI revolution, these top AI companies are among the best places to work for the AI experts. A report says that artificial intelligence has the potential to enable 38% profit gains and will result in an economic boost of $14 trillions by the year 2035. With the huge potential to increase the corporate profitability, artificial intelligence is here to stay and will make way for great technological advancements in the future.




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