Published 18 December, 2020

Top 6 Ways to Showcase you Company Culture on Social Media (5 Mins Read)

Company culture is all about the way, how people within an organization work together and gel with each other while moving towards the common goal or objectives set by the company. It is important because the culture of the company is the foundation of an organization and a strong company culture shows that its people are the most critical assets of the company and the company cares for them by having good values within.

Almost, all the businesses are aware of this term ‘company culture’ but they find it to be quite a challenge in showcasing that to their advantage on their websites and the social media channels. In today’s competitive environment, your business can’t afford to miss out on engaging and promoting your company to over a billion people using various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social platforms. In the age of social media, there’s no sense in ignoring a huge, free set of public platforms which are capable of showing off your company’s culture. The personality of the employees, the core values that drive success and the light moments which everyone share alongwith the seriousness of doing business all contribute towards creating an amazing workplace. After all, promoting your company culture can be a huge asset for your business especially when it comes to hiring top class candidates and also in attracting more customers.

How can you use the social media to depict the company culture?

Top brands, like Apple, Google, Coca Cola and many more companies have led the way in using their company culture as a social media marketing tool and small business owners have followed suit in giving their social media strategy a new look.

  1. Show off your company and tell your story

Your company surely has a story to share whether you are a brand new startup or a company with a long history. You can easily draw the attention of the customers and prospects better by telling your company’s story and by showcasing your company in an impressive manner. Make use of videos and photos on your site and the social media platforms to describe “who you are” and to highlight the core values of your company. You should not hesitate to share it with people and talk about your struggles as much as your successes. The consumers and the potential candidates often chose companies that share their personal ethical views. Make sure that you showcase your values and charitable actions especially if you have a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in place.

  1. Use lot of pictures and videos

Tweets with pictures are found to receive 89% more likes and 18% more clicks. It’s not just Twitter, but Instagram too is now past the 1 BILLION user mark and over 80% of the Instagram users follow a business. The visuals help customers relate in a way that text can’t. But, what images should you use? As you’re trying to show your company’s culture, so here’s an easy start. Take some time each day to look around and browse the company’s calendar. Is someone celebrating a birthday? Take out your phone and grab a pic or a 30-second clip of the person or the occasion. Of course, if you’re at an event or having a company party, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be holding a camera or two and even enlisting a few of your staff members to take plenty of shots themselves. Grabbing the right picture can take a lot of attempts, so the more pictures, the better.

  1. Do not just post titles from blog posts

If you’re only posting blogs by featuring their titles, you’re just distributing — not getting readers excited about the useful content your company has created. Remember, your social media accounts are a part of your public face and your public voice. Determine some basic elements of your company voice, then make sure you use them consistently. Ask questions, show facts and statistics, use quotes and more. Experiment to create conversational opportunities — your company’s personality should develop over time with these interactions.

  1. Use visuals that present your philosophy

Most people aren’t going to care about the pictures of your staff and offices, so those can’t be the only pictures you use to solidify your company’s image. More abstract or text-based visuals should come in. You can use free apps like Canva  or Adobe Spark to create easy, eye catching compositions based on quotes and statistics. If done well, the images are a great way to break up the fun pictures on a business Instagram account.

  1. Share your company’s lifestyle

If your workspace is fresh and innovative and you get to do different things or go to interesting places as a part of your workday, then take pictures and videos of that lifestyle and share it to show what makes your workplace the best. For example, there’s a video from Google which does a great job of targeting interns by promoting a fun way to begin a career which makes a difference. No wonder onboarding images are very popular on LinkedIn, such as photos of desks waiting for the new recruit, goodie boxes for starters, etc. These images generate a lot of likes, shares and comments and it is a good way of showing off how much you value your employees. Give it a go next time someone new joins. Always keep in mind that behind every successful business there are happy employees. If your company engages in cool activities outside work, like charity events or big sport outings then do make sure you promote it on the social media sites.

  1. Engage with your staff

When you can build a conversation with staff, you build a core of engagement that not only draws in outsiders, it also encourages more in the company to join in. This need not start in a very serious way, as employees become comfortable interacting with you, they may just become braver and start interacting outside of their comfort zones — opening lots of new networking opportunities for themselves and others. Not everyone will engage, but creating any brand ambassadors out of your co-workers is a big win.

Takeaway: Social media platforms provide a direct way for you to communicate with your customers, community members, prospective employees and even beyond that. Your company culture is a great source of content that works well on these platforms and creates lasting affinity for your brand. If you are new to that concept, start small and scale up your efforts over time.  Projecting your company culture on social media also doesn’t cost you much in driving your brand engagement and boosting the public image of your product and company.

Depicting the company culture on social media has many more benefits, besides encouraging happiness and positivity. It's also a way of consistently producing engaging content for the customers and connecting with them at a personal level. Social media plays a big role in the way people do business in today's society. Depicting the company culture on social media has many benefits, besides encouraging happiness and positivity. It's also a way of consistently producing engaging content for the customers and connecting with them at a personal level. Social media plays a big role in the way people do business today, so why shouldn’t you show it off.

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