Published 01 July, 2020

Top Employer Review Websites (6 min read)

With the increased penetration of the internet over the past decade, a habit for most internet users which has been formed is to post and check online reviews for decisions they make. These decisions can be across a very wide spectrum, starting from purchasing groceries from an online platform to choosing the best hotels for holidays to deciding on the next employer.

Hence, online presence and reviews have become very important for all businesses as a tool to attract prospective customers. Employees or prospective employees also need to be looked at as customers who need to be attracted to the company’s brand. With the war for talent increasing over the years and the increased penetration of the internet, online employer branding has become imperative for organizations across the globe.

One of the most effective ways to build employer brand is through positive word of mouth on review platforms. A positive recommendation from employees or interview candidates can tilt the scale in favour of a company when it comes to attracting high quality talent. The perception about these reviews and recommendations is more reliable in the eyes of a candidate compared to employer advertisements. The other unique aspect of employer branding through review websites is that it is inexpensive and hence makes it a level playing field across various sizes of organizations be it an early stage startup or a Fortune 500 company. We have listed down the top 9 websites where you can find employer reviews. Before we start discussing the various employer review websites we just want you to know a bit more about Reviewia.co

We are possibly the one and only employer review website which is completely dedicated towards capturing “Candidate Experience”. As you would read about the other established review websites you would see that most of them are for employees to post about their experiences i.e. “Employee experience”. Some of them have a section on interviews but those contain questions around difficulty levels and are focused on addressing the need of “interview preparation”.Apart from capturing inputs around overall experience, hiring timelines etc, we give an opportunity to candidates to share about aspects like “Gender Discrimination”, “Inappropriate questions” and “Respectfulness towards candidates”

We as a team strongly feel that “Candidate Experience” is still quite inconsistent in most organizations and employers who are well intentioned, don’t get access to the ground realities of why candidates end up getting negative experiences more often than not. Reviewia has a dual goal, one is to help candidates make informed choices about their next employer. The other goal is to enable employers with actionable insights to improve candidate experience. Our vision is to ensure that candidate experience, globally becomes more positive and consistent.

       1.      Glassdoor

This is the most well known employer review website which boasts of 50 million plus reviews. Reviews are mostly around employee experience, salary and benefits. The reviews are around overall experience , Pros and Cons of working in a particular organization and a final vote on the CEO of the company. There is a section on interviews as well where users can share details around difficulty levels , number of rounds etc. The website gives comfort to users to share candidate feedback by making the reviews anonymous.

      2.      Indeed

Apart from being one of the leading job portals globally, Indeed is an employer review website as well. Similar to Glassdoor, the reviews are shared by current or former employees. The user can rate employers on Overall Satisfaction and there are sub categories like Work-Life Balance, Pay & Benefits, Job Security & Advancement, Management and finally a rating on culture. The user interface of Indeed is better than that of Glassdoor. You can sort the reviews basis recency, rating score or helpfulness. This website also has an interview section where users can share about details like overall satisfaction, time taken to complete the interview process,, difficulty levels , number of rounds and type of rounds. Apart from other features, it also allows you to look at workplace photographs. This is a very nice access for employers to engage potential talent, who would mind getting a peak into how the workplace looks like. The reviews on Indeed are also anonymous.

      3.      Vault

Vault provides ranking of top companies across sectors and practices. There is a lot of useful paid guiding documents for job seekers but they are not free. Roughly, each of these guides cost in the range of $15 to $50. While the reviews section is a bit high level but they have a lot of useful material which can help job seekers. There are some free tools which can be used by job seekers e.g. resume templates, sample interview questions for various skill sets and a few useful clips around networking. However, Vault majorly covers organizations only in USA.

4.      Ambitionbox

This is an India centric employer review site. It provides a decent degree of detail about the employer. Like the other websites the reviews are from current or ex employees and they are posted anonymously. The review section and the questions are very simple and easy to respond to. They also have some useful tools for users like the “Salary Calculator”. While the calculator uses some assumptions to give you break ups of salaries but it is a decent tool to give a high level idea to candidates on how much they can expect every month post tax deductions. Their user interface is probably one of the best among all employer review websites.

       5.      Career Bliss

While there is a review section but this is more of a job portal. The review questions are very high level and don’t really provide “actionable” insights for employers who are looking to improve employee experience. Also, this is more focused on the US geography.

6.      Kununu

Kununu is a German employer review board which has about 4 million reviews. You can post your experience as a current employee, ex employee or a candidate who experienced the application process. The set of questions are very precise and captures the employee’s experience very well to provide actional inputs to employers. There are questions around diversity, dealing with older colleagues etc which are very relevant and sensitive aspects that define an employer’s brand. The questionnaire for the application process is a tad too long. They have tried to target two aspects i.e. Interview content and interview experience , rather than focusing on one. Users might find the list of questions a bit too exhaustive to answer. Due to this, the user experience is not top notch for this website.

       7.      Comparably

This is a review board where you can post your experience as an employee. The issue with this website it that a lot of important questions are responded in free text. Which makes it more difficult to convert the feedback into “actionable” inputs for employers.

      8.      Fairygodboss

Fairygodboss.com is a website dedicate to women professionals. There are employer reviews by women employees. While the review questions are very relevant and identifies areas which typically are challenging for female employees at workplaces but there isn’t much when it comes to authenticity of reviews. One can post reviews even without signing in and hence there are risks of fake reviews by bots etc.

      9.      Worklopedia

This is an interesting website which doesn’t display reviews about companies but about specific teams and team managers. Which to us looked quite unique and may be the reviews are more precise to how the real world would be for the prospective employee.


Hope this blog has been helpful for you !


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